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Home-Made Helicopter from 54 Drones

Home-Made Helicopter from 54 Drones

With drones making their way heavily into the mainstream, it’s only natural that those who like to use their hands are going to grab some up and undergo their own projects using drone technology.

This time, we check out a personal aircraft that is constructed using 54 drone-like propellers and cost somewhere in the ballpark of $9000 to throw together to the point where it would fly.

While it looks like this guy might need some practice before going full bore and flying to the local convenience store, this thing is still cool to watch hover around in the back yard.

Check out the video below that shows off the homemade hovercraft being played with in the yard. We know, we’re giving you some ideas, but don’t go trying this one at home unless you know what you’re doing. We can see a DIY project like this going awry quite quickly.