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Homemade Rocket Fuel Using Common Household Items

With enough knowledge, you can create just about anything for yourself and this time, we check out a little experiment that tries out a variety of mixtures to see which will perform the best as rocket fuel to launch a homemade rocket.

By mixing together these elements, theoretically, the fastest to burn will be the one to give the rocket the most lift, so the test is on using components like rust powder, tree stump remover, and traditional sugar to see which concoction will work out the best.

With the use of a little bit of heat and some household items, the experiment comes together pretty nicely to create a rocket fuel that, at the end of the experiment, ends up launching a miniature rocket a couple of thousand feet into the sky!

Check out the video below to see which concoction works best and how exactly said concoction is put into action as it launches the rocket with a vengeance. If you do attempt something like this at home, we’d operate under extreme caution because some of these things are looking mighty wicked!

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