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[HOONIGAN] Field Trip 001: CrossKart Tandem Drifting at Grange Motor Circuit

When it comes to having fun behind the wheel of a car, the guys over at Hoonigan might be the most experienced in that field. Even though they have pretty much an unlimited selection of cars to play around with between themselves and their buddies that roll through the shop, every once in a while, everybody needs a little bit of a change of scenery to mix things up a little bit and keep life interesting.

This time, the guys get just that as they head out of the shop for the first episode of the Hoonigan Field Trip series. Normally, we’re able to see what the guys are up to thanks to the Daily Transmission that takes us inside of their regular routine that’s everything but average but this time, we hit the road with the crew to see how they like to party when they hit the open road. This time, the location of the action is Grange Motor Circuit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is going to be a regular old go-karting video but these karts are truly anything but normal. While a normal go-kart might be powered by a 5 or 10 hp lawnmower engine, these things have none other than 150hp of bite on board. That’s right, these machines that weigh in at only 680 pounds a pieceI have the power to weight ratio that’s almost enough to kill you if it falls into the wrong hands. What could possibly go wrong?

Check out the video below as the guys get out and about to do some work with these insane machines. The 150 hp on tap might not seem like much but when you’re in a chassis that weighs pretty much nothing, that number is quite substantial! I’m not sure about you but I have to say that I am raring and ready to try one of  these things out for myself after watching the crew sling them sideways in this tandem drifting display.