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Hoonigan Field Trip: Behind the Scenes at Don Schumacher Racing with Leah Pritchett

We love what the guys at Hoonigan do, since they basically live the dream life of every gearhead in the world. When they get together with Team Speed Society Racing’s very own Leah Pritchett, not only do they have a great time, the combination of the Hoons and the most badass chick in all of drag racing makes for some amazing content. This is the same group responsible for the stellar “Anatomy of a Record Run” video that gave the world a great look at what goes into a single pass in an 11,000 horsepower fueler.

This time, the guys packed up all their stuff and headed east from California to Don Schumacher Racing’s expansive headquarters in Brownsburg, Indiana for a behind-the-curtain look at what goes into campaigning 7 world-class top fuel and funny car teams. As you can see from the moment the Hoonigans walk in the door, DSR is all about winning, having taken home over 300 event victories and 16 world championships at the sports top level. Taking a step back into the shop, we get a great look at what it takes to amass such a massive collection of NHRA “Wally” trophies.

There’s a little bit of top secretness when you first walk through the doors into the race shop, so we’ll bypass that and jump into the blower dyno, easily one of the coolest features in the DSR arsenal. This setup allows them to test their superchargers in a way that only a handful of other facilities can, and it’s insanely cool to watch and hear in action.

After watching a blower dyno session, the guys decide to get really intimate with Leah’s safety gear, having a stand-in act as Leah, despite the Real Leah showing up just as the process starts. Our model gets to don the entirety of the fire protection arsenal, including the suit, helmet and Hybrid device, which prevents neck and skull injuries in the event of a crash.

After the tour and the fashion show, the guys join the DSR crew for a charity bowling event, where they showcase their ridiculously mediocre bowling skills to close out the trip. Special thanks to the Hoonigan crew as well as the DSR staff and Leah herself for making such a badass video possible!



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