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Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground

Ken Block has done some pretty creative and wild things behind the wheel of a car, amazing all of those to take a minute to watch what he’s capable of.

This time, Block is at it again in the ninth installment of Gymkhana, one of the most awe-inspiring driving series that you will ever care to lay your eyes on.

Boasting 600 hp and 660 tq, this lightweight rally machine is really something to be admired as it puts all that power to the wheels and the results definitely show.

With each and every installment of this while driving journey, we are more and more impressed and in the ninth, that is no exception.

We watch as Block hustles around an industrial obstacle course, showcasing a creative sequence of driving displays as he includes obstacles like drifting around the likes of a Ford F-150 Raptor dangling from a helicopter and pushing the car to the edge, quite literally, as the Ford Focus comes mere inches from skating into the water.

Check out the video below that shows all that the mind and abilities of Block have to offer. This is one for the record books that you might find yourself watching over and over again.