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[Hoonigan] Magnuson’s Wicked Supercharged Camaro SS

So with the exception of Leah Pritchett bringing her Hellcat to Hoonigan HQ, I am pretty sure this is my favorite Daily Transmission, and when you hit the play button below, you’ll see why! I’ll tell you up front, though, that I may be a tad partial; I like Camaros, I like blowers, and I like drag cars. This insane build from Magnuson Superchargers checks all three of those boxes with the added bonus of sounding literally amazing!

The car is a 2016 Camaro SS, powered from the factory by the LT1 powerplant, the successor to GM’s legendary LS series of engines. While the engine, in it’s stock state, makes plenty of power with a blower strapped to the top, but when you’re a company like Magnuson, you don’t settle for “plenty”, especially when it comes to the car you’re building to show off just how much power your products can make. So out goes the stock internals and into the LT1 block goes all forged internals with a nasty sounding custom grind cam that, at least I have to assume, is spec’d to work perfectly with the blower, converter and rear gear combination used in the car’s drivetrain.

Of course, the centerpiece of the build is the monster TVS2650 supercharger, the largest blower Magnuson has ever built. In it’s current state, the Camaro’s force-fed bullet cranks out 1,153 horsepower to the wheels – yes, to the wheels – and is still not tapped out on boost. With a little more tuning to get the transmission to cooperate, the team believes they’ll be able to push the boost even higher, putting the output north of 1,300 HP to the wheels.

As with any grip to the Hooquarters, burnouts are mandatory, and this thing really knows how to put on a smoke show. Despite the slicks-and-skinnies setup, the SS shreds the tires multiple times, sending up huge clouds of smoke and filling the air with the symphony of the modern American V8 at full song.