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Hoonigan Summer of Shred… Most Rubber Burned In One Weekend?

If you know the guys at Hoonigan, you know that they’re all about mixing it up and bringing to the table some of the most intense rides and a variety of them, putting on tap some of the most insane vehicles to ever touch tire to pavement. When it comes to how the crew will behave behind the wheel of these vehicles, you’ll also see some of the most brutal driving across the land as they really put these things to the test. Trust us, even if it looks like a show vehicle, it certainly isn’t getting treated like one as it’s probably getting thrown sideways with over the top displays and the tires are probably getting destroyed as well.

In fact, we think that the Hoonigan family would agree with us when we say that incredible burnouts are one of the main building blocks of the brand. It’s really hard to make your way to their headquarters and not leave without shredding rubber at least once, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive in the door, whether it be something as simple as a go-cart or a pristine show car with a quarter of a million dollars tied up in it. This is why this brand is so much fun and this time, we were able to see all that fun live.

If you follow along with the video below, the Hoonigan Summer of Shred gets underway, coming at us from Holley’s LS Fest West, as they push a variety of cars and kill more than just a couple of tires. After watching a video like this, we think that you might just regret not making your way out to Las Vegas to join in on the action when you had the chance! This is definitely some fun that you would want to be a part of. I guess there’s always next year!