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Hop into the Driver’s Seat of Monday’s Epic Race Between Daddy Dave and Kamikaze CHRIS.

Everybody loves rooting for the underdog, and on our favorite show, Street Outlaws, Kamikaze and the ElCo are usually playing that role. While he has definitely won some huge races and built the car into a legitimate threat to the top half of the 405 Top 10 list, the “shade tree” nature of the El Camino’s journey has always made it a bit of a little brother on the show.

On last week’s episode, we saw Daddy Dave face off with Kamikaze for his spot on the list. This “In The Driver’s Seat” footage from Discovery shows what the races actually look like when they’re not edited together for dramatic effect like we see on the shows on Monday night, and you can tell just how quick these cars get down the street. Chief pulls Kamikaze up to the starting line, then motions Dave up to the line as well. Both drivers lock down the trans brake and Chief drops back to hit the light.

As soon as the light shines, Dave and Kamikaze launch hard, but Dave’s ProCharged Nova jumps out to a lead quickly and continues to pull away, putting a pretty good sized gap on the ElCo by the time he crosses the finish line. As you can see, the race is actually over in about 4 seconds, a drastic difference from the way the races are portrayed on the show. If you’ve been to the track to see these cars at their appearances all over the country, you know they all run very well, but we understand the show has to be edited for dramatic effect and to make each pass more relevant to the night’s events. There are just times when us gearhead types want to see the pass in all of its wicked, badass glory, even if it is over in just a few seconds.

While the ElCo took a loss on this pass, after seeing Kamikaze’s big reveal at this year’s PRI show, look for the car to be charging back up the list soon thanks to its new twin turbo powerplant!