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Horse Diving Throws an All-New Level of Weird into Extreme Sports

Today, extreme sports really push the limits of what human beings can accomplish. There are so many sports that are designed with one goal in mind of pushing the human body to all new limits each and every time out but this time, we check out an old school extreme sports from the 1880s that there’s a good chance you have never heard of and there’s a good reason why you don’t see it around today. Strange enough, this extreme sport isn’t trying out the limits of a human being, but rather pushing the limits of horses.

It’s rumored that, a horseback rider by the name of “William “Doc” Carver” was out and about when he got wrapped up in a situation where his horse would try to cross a  bridge that would then break underneath them. The horse would fall and dive off of the bridge into the water below and, after seeing this, it would lead him to make the decision to try and make it into a competition, forcing horses to dive off of a high ledge in a sort of diving competition much like you would see humans doing today.The result looks pretty inhumane so we’re definitely glad that this extreme exhibiton isn’t a thing anymore. With one glance at this competition, both your everyday person and animal rights activists alike would be freaking out, rightfully so! This just doesn’t look natural in any way, shape, or form.

Follow along with the video down below that takes you on the scene of something that might have been viewed as normal years ago but has been worked out of culture ever since. After watching this obscure display, be sure to tell us what you think of the incredibly odd sport that was discovered on accident and now has its very own place in history.


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