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Hot Wheels Real Car Backflip RACE

Hot Wheels Real Car Backflip RACE

Many of us grew up playing with Hot Wheels cars and that is where it all began. Some of us were even lucky enough to have toy tracks that would make our diecast cars do all kinds of crazy stunts.

As we’ve grown up, we’ve slowly faded into reality and were able to separate fantasy from reality by realizing that no real car could ever do this… that is, until this X-Games stunt team came into the picture and threw a monkey wrench into the gears of reality!

Check it out as stuntman Greg Tracy and pro drifter Tanner Foust hit a Hot Wheels style loop track, throwing their cars upside down in the hands of gravity and shortly after conquering a jump as well.

This has to simultaneously be one of the coolest and scariest experiences ever. Watch as the nitrous fueled fantasy goes down in the video below. Would you attempt to try this crazy stunt?