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Hot Wheels x Speed Society x Alex Laughlin Limited Collab Available Now!

As youngsters, we would venture to think that the vast majority of car enthusiasts got their first real taste of the car world by playing with Hot Wheels. Not only is the brand one of the most prominent in terms of automotive toys. They also are a cornerstone of pop culture. Trying to imagine the toy world without Hot Wheels is like trying to imagine a PB&J without the bread. It just doesn’t sit right with us!

With that, we have to say that we are incredibly elated to be able to announce that Speed Society is pairing up with Hot Wheels with a couple of awesome collaborations.

First, we are proud to announce that there will be a limited release of a Speed Society diecast car. This release will be a scaled-down version of Alex Laughlin’s real-life Chevrolet Corvette drag car. We would be lying if we said this wasn’t a childhood dream of ours.

The diecast finds its way to the Hot Wheels premium line called the “Boulevard Collection.” Not only will it feature that respected Hot Wheels quality but will also have some additional features that you don’t see in a typical diecast. For example, not only does the car have a metal chassis and rubber wheels. It also comes apart just like the real race car itself.

In addition, we are bringing to the table a collaboration with Hot Wheels that features some incredibly limited-edition apparel. Also featuring the Laughlin Corvette, fans will have the opportunity to purchase one of just 500 hoodies or t-shirts in order to not only showcase some of the freshest apparel in the automotive world but also give themselves an opportunity to enter to win our latest giveaway in a Pretty Nasty Hellcat.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the hoodies here, the t-shirts here, or the diecast here.


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