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Hoverbike Crashes in Dubai During Test Flight

In the pursuit of tomorrow, sometimes, there can be stumbles along the way. When developing new technology, there isn’t necessarily always a handbook at the ready. After all, there aren’t too many people, if any, who have really developed a successful hoverbike. Therefore, it’s going to take a little bit of trial and error to be able to figure out the design effectively. This is what can really make a fully executed success such a beautiful thing.

This time, we check out what some might call a stumble along the road to personal aviation. This particular video takes us to Dubai to drop in on a little bit of a test flight with a hoverbike. Some might recognize the vehicle from viral videos around the web. However, this test didn’t exactly go as according to plan.

The footage puts us on edge as the pilot takes a hoverbike up in the air. Knowing that things are going to all come crashing down shortly, we can’t help but grow in our anxiety as we await what’s going to come next. We can’t help but hope that the hoverbike would lose some altitude before eventually coming down.

Luckily, when the scene would unfold, that would be exactly the case. It’s crazy to think of what would’ve happened if the machine had been higher in the air. This pilot should feel pretty fortunate that things escalated in the way that they did. When all was said and done, it would appear as if he wasn’t seriously injured. The bike, on the other hand, looks like it might be in need of some repairs.

As of now perhaps, this sort of aviation still needs some development. It’ll be interesting to see what the end product looks like if they’re able to patch the design up a bit!