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How Can You Be This Bad At Driving?

The title says it all… these guys (and we presume a few gals too) are just awful drivers. According to the video’s description, videographer RNickeyMouse captured this footage over a six month period on LA’s Mulholland Hwy, a winding mountain road that popular for drivers and riders looking to do a little spirited driving.

As you can see, however, the drivers don’t always follow the rules of the road, often crossing the double center line into the other lane, a move that especially dangerous considering there are often other drivers going the other way as well, leading to many near misses around the blind curves.

This particular corner is a popular spot for photographers to shoot the cars and bikes as they round the curve, and as you can see and hear, they spend a lot of their time trying to get the offending drivers to stay in their lane to avoid accidents. There is usually a fairly heavy police presence on the road, and we are even treated to a Subaru getting nailed for crossing the line around the curve by an officer waiting just up the road.

There is plenty of cringe worthy clips in this three-plus minute montage, but a few of them are more cringey than the others. There’s a Nissan 350Z that has a total brain fart moment and actually spins around completely backwards onto the dirt shoulder in the other lane. Just moments later, the 350’s older brother, the 300Z slides around the same corner and comes to rest looking as if the driver had completely intended to parallel park on the other shoulder, literally inches from a motorcycle parked there.

Go ahead and hit that play button and watch a few minutes of what not to do. If anybody out there has footage from Mulholland or any other winding roads like this, hit us with a link and we just might share yours too!