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How Did the 2018 Mustang GT Escalate to be a $50,000 Car?

If you take your finger and trace over all of the nameplates that have become the most iconic American cars to have ever existed, I’m not really sure that there are any that even come close to being as iconic as the Ford Mustang. Some love the car and others might even hate it, however, there is no denying that the nameplate has really transcended automotive culture, becoming a cornerstone for pop-culture as a whole. There have been a variety of factors to help the car climb into the spotlight but since it has managed to climb to such iconic heights, it looks like Ford might be changing up the game plan just a little bit.

As the pony car has evolved, the version of this machine today looks very different from what we saw years ago. Many factors like the iconic styling and that grumble that you get from under of the hood may have helped these machines to climb to the point where they’re at today but one of the biggest factors, perhaps, is that such an attractive car has always been available at a reasonable price point. One reason that the Ford Mustang is so widespread is not only because it’s a great machine but also is one that you can get without completely destroying your financial future.

If you follow along down below, you’ll be able to check out the opinion of Doug DeMuro as he digs into the Mustang as it sits today and how this particular example that he got his hands on just so happens to clock in with a price tag over $50,000 for a car that’s not even the top trim level. That’s definitely a price point that’s new for Mustangs and with all of the innovation that has gone into making these cars take another step forward, really leaping into a competitive position in the performance landscape, I think that it’s kind of hard to argue against what they’re charging for these things these days.

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