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How Did This Man Manage to Get His Truck Stuck at a Gas Pump? Saved By The Cops!

Sometimes things just align perfectly and you manage to get yourself into a predicament that requires a little patience and maybe even some outside help to get out of. Looking at things from the outside, it seems almost impossible that this guy managed to wedge his truck between the gas pump and a pipe that runs vertically beside it, but that’s exactly what he’s done and it seems the only way out is, in the words of the officer that’s been called to help, he’s going to have to do a fifteen-point turn to get himself freed.

Apparently, the distraught driver was waiting not-so-patiently for his turn at the gas pump when he decided to try to back himself in and misjudged the angle and distance pretty badly. In his haste, he slid the back bumper of his pickup between the pipe and the pump, and the corner of the bumper, which hooks around the side of the truck back toward the front, grabbed the pipe and wouldn’t turn loose.

The officer arrives and checks the driver for signs of impairment. Deeming him coherent and unimpaired, they set about working the truck loose from its makeshift prison. After several tense minutes of inching the truck back and forth to work it loose without damaging the pipe or the pump any further, they give up on that method and take the more direct approach. A group of guys, including a couple of other officers who have arrived to assist, grab the truck and slide it to the right. The brute strength approach works much better and quicker, and everybody is freed up to go about their day.

This is definitely a Murphy’s Law kind of situation, where the highly improbable happened out of the blue thanks to a series of events that likely couldn’t be repeated even if the driver were to try. Luckily there was plenty of patience to go around, and enough muscle to finally make things happen.