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How Do NASCAR Teams Lay Such Perfect Graphics on Their Cars?

When it comes to a form of racing like NASCAR, obviously every body design that you come across will be relatively the same. Set aside a a couple of nuances here and there that make each car a little bit different from the next, if you look at these things stripped-down in their original all-black format, it would be rather difficult to tell each one from the last.

However, With each team being sponsored by a brand who is investing good money to attempt get their product or name out there, these companies definitely want to be able to stand apart from the pack and it’s an important dynamic that keeps the funds in the game to keep the sport alive.

With this need for exposure comes the flamboyant and off-the-wall designs to match. If you were unaware, these designs aren’t laid down in paint, even though might be referred to as “paint schemes,” but instead, the car is wrapped entirely in vinyl, showcasing the brand behind the machine in hopefully the best light possible. In order to make everything look professional, teams have expert vinyl departments to print the pieces and put them together in just the right combination as to present the finished product which is to be consistent and professional each and every time.

How do these teams make the finished product look like something that was created by a machine without human error in that equation? Well, it’s not as simple as you would probably anticipate.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to watch and learn, seeing just how the sections are all pieced together and the folks behind the scenes are able to work out all of the kinks to have a flashy and attractive car come race day. Making these pieces come together in just the right way is a big part of all of the fanfare as well and will kick the excitement up another notch!