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How Do You Make a Demon Even Better? Let’s Find Out!

Straight out of the box, the Dodge Demon was and is an absolute monster. It seemed as if Dodge was really listening to enthusiasts as they decided to dig deep into their bag of tricks and release about the coolest thing that they could possibly put together. With that, we would find over 800 supercharged horsepower to hit the ground running. Even today, the Demon stands as one of the most dominant and powerful machines in the production car landscape, even if production was limited to just 3300 units.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. 808 hp is plenty for the vast majority of people who get behind the wheel. When we click around on YouTube, it might seem like you need 1000 hp to really be moving but 800 hp is frankly more power than the vast majority of enthusiasts have ever or probably will ever have under their foot. It’s more than enough to blow the doors off of pretty much anything that pulls up next to you at a red light. That’s for sure.

However, here at Speed Society, I guess you could say that we have a pretty crazy need for speed. Therefore, even when such a fine specimen of engineering like the Demon as the subject of our latest giveaway, we can’t help it turn a couple of wrenches and make this already awesome machine even more wicked.

Therefore, to kick off season nine of Beyond the Build, we explain exactly how we’re going to do just that. Things get kicked off by picking up the car and heading over to Forza Tuning and Performance to discuss their 3R package and what exactly that means for our giveaway Demon. One of the important things here is that while we are adding a little bit of horsepower to spice things up, none of these mods will be permanent since this machine is such a collectible. In other words, down the road, everything can simply be taken off should a collector want to put this bad boy back to stock at any point in time.

Want to figure out how you can win a monster like this? Click here to learn more.


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