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How Do You Make Your Car Invisible to Cops?

Sometimes, if you are one of those people who has a little bit heavier foot than they probably should, you might wish that you could drive around and have your car be invisible to law enforcement. If there were just a way to vanish when the police officer was sitting there and clocking peoples’ speeds, you’d be set then, able to drive freely and speed around as you please. However, in reality, that’s just not something that’s realistic, at least not for most of us.  For these guys, however, that might just happen to be their very own reality.

In this one, we learn about a couple of characters who are incredibly interested In how lasers and radar work. With this information, they may or may not have designed a couple of methods to essentially cloak your car and make yourself invisible to any sort of speed detection system. That’s right, when rolling down the highway, there are certain methods that you can undertake to make your car essentially invisible to police who are looking to nab you and slap you with a speeding ticket. While it doesn’t make you completely impervious to getting caught breaking the speed limit, it certainly could help make things a little bit more confusing in your favor.

Follow along with the video below that shows off some techniques that we absolutely would not recommend that you try for yourself. However, for the entertainment factor, this is some pretty neat stuff that shows exactly how these guys went about making their car hide when it comes to the eyes of law enforcement. I know there’s a whole collection of people out there who are probably wishing that they had the ability to get their hands on this technology. In theory, I might just be one of those people.