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How Does the Tesla Roadster Hit 0-60 So Fast?

When it comes to Elon Musk and all of his toys, the guy really seems to be able to do no wrong. No matter what facet you look at, he’s pretty much overachieving in every way possible when it comes to technological advancement. Whether it be going to space or just getting around down here on Earth more efficiently, Musk has really cornered the market of transportation, showing that the future might be coming a lot more quickly than you had imagined. With the Tesla Roadster, Musk is even trying to dig his way into the performance space, taking on the combustion engine with electric on his side.

As you might have seen a couple of weeks ago, Tesla Announced the release of the Roadster which is really promising some incredible figures. With that amazing 0 to 60 time under two seconds and a quarter mile promise that clocks in with deep single-digit promises of an 8.8-second pass, the Roadster really looks to be something that could rule the roost when it comes do all sorts of different racing applications. This might be something that’s kind of scary for combustion enthusiasts but it really does offer up a new way to look at the racing community. Things could really be about to change quickly here if the promises are based in truth.

This time, the guys over at Engineering Explained take on the Tesla Roadster head on, trying to break down these claims that really seem to be pretty insane. It seems like this channel has always been pretty well reliable for taking those complicated concepts and breaking them down to a regular level for us and this time it’s more of the same as the channel really dissects this concept and explains, to us, exactly how this car is going to go as fast as Elon promised it would. Now, as of today, the Roadster is no more than a bunch of hype, so after watching this video, be sure to tell us what you think about the future of this machine and if you think it will live up to the incredibly high expectations when it finally is found rolling around the streets.

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