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How fast can you drive in Reverse? (Faster than you think)

After watching this video, I can’t deny my desire to go out and drive backwards as fast as possible is very strong. While my Yukon XL isn’t the ideal candidate, I just might have to give it a try anyway, because I had no idea cars could go this fast in reverse.

Now, thanks to YouTube channel AutoVlog, I know that at least one car – this 240 horsepower Ford Fusion – will run almost 40 MPH backwards, and I want to try it out for myself! This is one of those rare instances that we can actually say “go try this”, however we do urge caution. Find an empty parking lot or a desolate stretch of road where you can see miles in either direction, just to ensure your safety and that of others on the roadway with you. Once you’ve procured an area to test, just grab that “R” gear and mat the gas and see how high the speedometer reads as you race backwards.

Again, we urge caution, but we want to hear what kind of car you drive and how fast it goes in reverse, so let us know in the comments!