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How It’s Made Carbon Fiber Car Parts

If we’re talking high performance applications, carbon fiber might just be one of the materials that is up for discussion. Many times, carbon fiber construction will be used in racing applications to reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity that’s important for both performance and safety in some situations.

How exactly does carbon fiber get to its finishing point of the top tier building material to be used? It’s not exactly like you can melt down carbon like you can iron ore to shape it like you can with a steel construction so how are these complex parts weaved together?

In this informational video, we get the lowdown on how exactly some of the lightest parts in the business come together from raw materials to wet molds to finishing them off to make them hard with that classic carbon fiber finish that is oh so appealing.

Ride along with the process that is outlined from start to finish down in the video below that attempts to explain and shed some light on how exactly the carbon fiber parts that clad your car today have come together in the intricate process.