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How It’s Made – Forged Pistons! An in Depth Look!

There are a lot of parts that go into making a racing engine tick and all of these parts take their fair share of abuse but the pistons are the center of it all and arguably take it the most of the abuse. Therefore, it’s necessary that they, like other parts, are strong enough to handle the power being thrown their way.

In this video, we dive into the process of how exactly a forged piston is made to withstand incredible heat and lots of pressure that it’s put through even in the most modest of applications let alone the high-performance application shown in the video.

From raw metal to the finished product, we go along through the forging process that shows you exactly how something that is so strong it is made with great precision to fit the exact application that it was created for. Check out the video below that will guide you through the steps which end in a finished product that you can rely on no matter what job is at hand.