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How it’s Made: Indestructible and Powerful Land Rover Defender – Production Line

The Defender is a beautifully rugged SUV produced by Land Rover. The boxy chassis is built not for luxury or looks, but is instead intended for durability and go-anywhere-ability. This factory tour is a great behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing team as they assemble the bruising off-road beast.

Like an episode of How It’s Made with better camera work and none of the annoying narration, we follow through the build process from an assortment of components to a completed Defender. The attention to detail is excellent, and is refreshing to see so many hands involved in the process instead of assembly robots that have taken over so many manufacturing processes.

The Defender, despite being built in a modern factory and featuring many modern amenities, remains very true to its original design, which was first conceptualized all the way back in 1947. The design is instantly recognizable, hence the reason for keeping it as it has been for almost 70 years.


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