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How Long Can a Plastic Piston Last? Briggs 4 Minute Run!

If you’re familiar with internal combustion engines in any capacity, one thing that you know for sure is that they make their fair share of heat and keeping them cool is a big part of the process to making them run efficiently. Even with the best cooling on the market, though, they still get nice and hot!

Now, as you also know, this means that the materials inside have to be such that they’re able to withstand the friction and heat that they have exerted on them on a regular basis. We’ve seen a wooden piston crown put to the test and this time, we check out what happens when plastic replaces one of those materials as a piston is made out of it and taken for a whirl!

While the application here is a simple lawnmower engine, you can bet that this thing still makes its fair share of heat when it fires up and we’re going to see how the plastic piston does with handling the many small explosions that go into making sure that an engine like this functions properly.

Check out the video down below as the experiment is put to the test to see just how long a plastic piston will last in an engine that isn’t so accommodating. Before you check out this flick, what are your predictions on how exactly the new homemade parts are going to last?