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How Long Will an Engine Last if you Pour Glue in it?

When you have an engine that you care about and need to service you regularly, you want to make sure that all of the fluids are kept up-to-date and changed as to keep the engine on its toes with peak performance so that it never leaves you stranded and can always get the job done that you ask it to do.

However, if you have an engine that is past its usefulness, you probably don’t care too much about treating it with any kind of dignity. Heck, there might be a good chance that you’re out to kill it and see how much torture you can put it through before it dies.

The latter happens to be exactly what we’re up against here as this car appears to be done with living and the owner decides that the best way to put it out of its misery is to fill the oil fill up with glue and see exactly how long it will last before it decides to conk out once and for all.

Check out the video below that shows the crash and burn experiment that is the final moments of this engine’s life. I have to admit, this thing was a trooper up until the very last minute, it managed to struggle along for quite a while before it died once and for all.