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How Many Toy Cars Does it Take to Pull a Real Car?

I think that, at this point in our lives, we have come to the realization that a lot of weird things happen on YouTube or other places on the internet where you can upload videos and sometimes, these oddities can really provide a lot of entertainment. They take those questions that nobody would’ve ever wondered about and asked them in order to bring them to your front doorstep and somehow have a nature that makes our mind inquire to see exactly what’s going to happen next, suddenly immersing you in a situation that you never thought that you would find to be entertaining.

This time, that situation that we get sucked into involves a ton of remote control cars. Normally, you can find people modifying remote control vehicles in the name of going fast, flying through the air, or carving up some corners, however, this time, what we see is nothing other than a whole collection of RC cars that are going to try and pull a real, full-sized vehicle. That’s right, they’re all going to link up and pull as one unit as they attempt to move a full-size Jeep Grand Cherokee. It definitely seems like a tall task for the small vehicles that are pretty much weightless when you compare them to the one larger vehicle.

Follow along with the video below and you’ll get an entertaining demonstration that puts on display a whole variety of factors that makes you wonder where they come up with this stuff. At the end of the video, you might find that the suspense is getting so strong that you absolutely have to find out what happens so we have to warn you that after clicking that play button, you might just get sucked into the elaborate display that has one really simple goal in mind.

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