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How Much Do Pads and Rotors Help Braking?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on March 30, 2018

When you hop behind the wheel of your car and turn the key, the engine turns over and eventually fires up, giving you the power to drive just about anywhere that you want to go. It’s really something that you can take for granted as it seems to be pretty reliable on a day in and day out basis that your ride will fire up. However, at times, you might just wondering what exactly is going on under that hood and how it’s helping you out to get to your destination in a prompt manner. Heck, maybe even you do know the ins and outs of how your engine is working but you want to dig deeper into a concept in order to learn a little bit more about the science behind it all.

In this one, the guys over at Donut Media do us the diligence of digging into the science behind a fluid like gasoline. Yeah, most of us understand the basic concept within an engine that gas ignites, creating a small explosion in your combustion chamber that will keep your pistons in motion and create power which then gets transferred to the ground then pushes your car forward. Beyond that, though, there still are a lot of questions that you could ask about the substance. I mean, it didn’t necessarily come out of nowhere, after all.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get the complete breakdown of gasoline and exactly how it functions. In addition, we can learn a little bit about where it came from and why people originally thought it would be good to use when they discovered it.

Basically, if there is anything to know about gasoline, this video will teach you all of that and more. As usual, you can also expect the not so typical Donut Media comedic twist on the entire thing to make it a little bit more fun to be a part of.


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