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How Much of a Money Pit is a Street Outlaw No Prep Car?

When it comes to racing at a high level, there are several barriers to entry.

Not only does someone have to be an amazingly skilled driver to compete on a series like No Prep Kings. They’re also going to have to throw a little bit of money into the mix as well. This includes not only the car but also, the rig used to get said car around. Team owners are also going to need a nice set of tools and other accessories to be able to keep everything ticking. Long story short, things can get expensive.

So, how much does something like this actually cost?

We could sit here and estimate things until we’re blue in the face. However, we think that the more fruitful exercise would be to hear it straight from somebody who has spent that money.

In this one, we tune in with Justin Swanstrom, a competitor on No Prep Kings, as he tells us just how expensive it is to compete. Keep in mind, this is just about the car which is only one part of the equation. After hearing something like this, we think that many will be able to gain an all-new level of respect for what’s required to compete in such a series.

By following along with the video below, we find that Swanstrom is absolutely an open book. He tells us about everything from the suspension to the engine setup and everything in between. In addition, we gather a little bit of insight into where money might be better saved or spent.

The other interesting part of this equation is that no two cars are built alike. Two drivers could be competing at a similar level but manage to prioritize entirely different philosophies on building a racecar. For anyone who is a fan of no-prep racing or maybe even thinking about getting into it themselves, this is definitely the video to watch.