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How Much Wind Speed Can the Human Face Withstand? Crazy Volunteer Finds Out!

If you’ve ever reached your head out of the window of a moving vehicle and felt your skin stretching around or perhaps rode on a motorcycle in a situation where your face wasn’t covered from the wind, you might have wondered how much moving air your skin could take. After getting a day of being beat on by the wind, you can definitely feel how your skin likes to react to it by drying out but what would happen if, instead of prolonged exposure, you were exposed to the wind in a short yet powerful bout?

While these conditions might seem to be tough on your skin in the scheme of things, it leads you to wonder just how harsh of wind conditions the human skin can withhold before it starts becoming damaged. Would your skin be alright facing 200mph winds? How about 300 or 400 mph winds? What would happen at that point? Would your skin stretch or simply tear open as it simply couldn’t withstand the pressure any longer?

This time, we follow along with a test that puts just that question to the test as this guy’s face goes against the harshest conditions possible to see what’s going to happen to skin in a worst-case scenario when it comes to the wind. If you check out the video below, you’ll see as human skin is put up to wind reaching incredible speeds of 457 mph to see how durable this poor dude’s face is. It leads you to wonder exactly how this guy felt when he left the testing site that day. I guess that there aren’t too many ways to test something like this out other than just sticking someone in the situation who is willing to throw a little bit of risk into their life in the name of science!


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