How Much Would it Actually Cost to Buy, Restore, and Drive a Shelby Mustang Barn Find?

Here at Speed Society, we are definitely fans of the barn find. In fact, we would ...

Here at Speed Society, we are definitely fans of the barn find. In fact, we would probably be inclined to speak for most of the car community when we say that this is a really widespread phenomenon that brings most car fans a little bit of excitement.

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When we really think about it, it’s probably about as close as someone can get to finding real-life treasure. When stumbling upon a vehicle that has just been sitting behind for years, we never truly know what’s underneath all of that dust. It could be a car that’s attached to legendary status or maybe just another Mustang.

When it comes to the “Diamond in the rough” status, digging out in 1967 Shelby is definitely an exciting find. These machines are incredibly sought after. However, being able to restore a car that has been sitting in a barn is going to not only be a costly endeavor. It’s going to be one that likely requires a certain level of expertise that not every mechanic hanging around is going to have.

Therefore, it would probably be reasonable to say that a lot of these cars that end up being dug out of barns around the world end up sitting in another garage, only to be found years later. This leads us to kind of wonder how many barn finds that we come across are actually the result of another barn find that just never panned out into a restoration.

This time, we check in with Jerry Heasley who takes us through the process of what finding a car such as this is like. We’re taken through the entire top-to-bottom of how much it would cost to buy, restore, and drive a 1967 Shelby that was sourced from a barn in less than showroom condition. At the end of the day, something like this seems like a complete dream. However, this video explains to us exactly what the reality behind something like this is going to be. It might not be all sunshine and rainbows as it seems.

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