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How Much Would it Cost to Run All Season on No Prep Kings?

For anyone considering getting into racing, we would strongly encourage them to go for it. While the sport can be regarded as pretty expensive, there are areas where any budget is welcome. Even if it just means going to your local drag strip and running your daily driver down the track, the thrill is more than worth it.

For those who wish to compete at a high level, it’s definitely going to cost them, though. Even after purchasing all of the necessary hard goods to compete, there are extra expenses.

That’s right. After denting the bank account by buying a race car, trailer, and tow rig, there’s still a lot more to consider. With this in mind, we think that many will gain a much greater appreciation for those going out there and racing every weekend competitively. It takes not only a massive time commitment but also a pretty big dollar commitment as well.

This time, Justin Swanstrom gives us the rundown on what exactly all of this stuff costs. Most of us could probably figure out what an average weekend of racing looks like, expense wise. This time, though, we dive into what the racing at a high level all season long would cost. After all, going from event to event with a series like No Prep Kings certainly has to rack up quite a couple of extra charges.

From Fuel, tech cards, and crew costs to all of the other goodies, this video tells all. In the scheme of things, there are a lot of different expenditures than most probably wouldn’t even think of. At the end of the day, these are the expenses that can really make or break a racer. For those who don’t leave room in the budget for these everyday needs, things can get tight in a hurry! – Justin Swanstrom

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