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How NASCAR’s “SAFER” Barrier is Engineered to Reduce Impact Severity

One common thread that you will find is part of just about every kind of racing is that the organizations behind racing leagues will try to make them safer with every tick of the clock. Because of this, new equipment is constantly coming out in order to ensure that drivers have a better chance of making it out the other side an accident without injury or a fatality. As it turns out, NASCAR has been a big proponent of pushing their safety, seeming to put safety first, even before the almighty dollar which can be a rare thing to come by these days.

This time, we take the opportunity to check out one of the innovations that has made NASCAR racing just a little bit safer should a driver happen to get tied up in an incident that they don’t want to be a part of and end up colliding with the wall. Instead of your traditional concrete wall, NASCAR has introduced something that goes by the name of the “SAFER” barrier, an acronym for Steel And Foam Energy Reduction, basically meaning that when a car collides with this contraption, the wall will be able to absorb most of the energy, meaning that the car doesn’t have to and therefore, even less of that transfer of energy will be passed on to the driver.

If you follow along down in the video below, you will see the stuff in action and exactly how it goes to work every weekend, delivering these drivers to a safer experience as they strap on their racing suits and are able to go out there and be as competitive as they possibly can be with a little bit less worry placed on what would happen if they should end up getting into an accident.


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