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How One Man Got 200+ Speeding Tickets But Keep A Clean Record

Sometimes, folks can become so familiar with a system that their knowledge of it really amazes us. Depending on which system they might be talking about, that could be a good thing or bad thing. Perhaps, it’s even a mixture of both. We aren’t really sure where to file this one. It really seems like Rob Ferretti has a firm grip on how to navigate through getting tickets but he definitely admits that he still gets a ton of them. How exactly can he manage to procure 220 tickets without throwing too much dirt on top of his driving record? He says that he has even managed to keep his car insurance premiums low!

In this one, we hear a tale that most probably aren’t going to want to try at home. However, for Rob, it seems as if he’s come up with a system and equation in his head by which getting tickets can actually work out for him. As Rob explains it, having fast cars is a hobby. Just like any other hobby, Rob continues, it’s going to come with some sort of expense. In this case, it might just be a legal expense of having to pay a fine. It’s certainly an unconventional way of looking at things but I guess that he has the formula all transcribed in his head to figure out if it’s really worth it.

It might’ve come with an expensive price tag but it seems like Rob has driving fast all figured out at this point in time. By following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop on how he’s able to play ball with the law like very few manage to. I guess that sometimes, at least if you ask Rob, one might just have to pay to play. For him, it all comes down to being smart and knowing when to pick his spots.