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How Safe is an Ambulance? Take a Look At This Side Impact Crash

Before any vehicle is released to the public, it has to go through a series of crash tests to make sure that it’s fit for public roads. After all, if you get tangled up in a crash, you don’t want to be put in danger when it’s not necessary. Therefore, strict standards make sure that cars are as safe as they can possibly be and with the way that technology is improving, our vehicles get safer and safer every single day. Just take a look at cars of ten years ago and how they compare to those of today, crash tests are definitely out there and the proof is in the pudding.

However, even with something like that in place, it really does make you wonder how special the vehicles that carry a higher than normal number of people will react to such a situation. For example, an ambulance is generally loaded with people in the back who aren’t necessarily strapped down so what would happen if, God forbid, it was broadsided and the people went flying? What would happen to the person laying on the stretcher in the back of the ambulance? Would everything be alright for all the parties involved? Well, this time, we seek to find out.

If you follow along here, you’re put in prime position to see exactly how an ambulance reacts to an insane collision on the roadways. These kinds of tests that you don’t really think about that are put in place to make sure that you’re safe will make you appreciate them once you realize exactly what companies go through to make sure that vehicles are fit for the roads. After seeing something like this, did it end in the way that you expected?