Just How Streetable Can a 1000 HP Car REALLY Be?

For those who missed out on the first episode of Sorted, it’s definitely ...

For those who missed out on the first episode of Sorted, it’s definitely something that we would recommend checking out. If you want to do that, you can find episode one by clicking here.

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For those who need to be caught up, to this point, basically, the show takes on the challenge of finding the best overall machine in the world of performance automobiles. All of the cars are modified and average about 1000 hp each. The goal is going to be to find out not only which one is the best performer but also which one doesn’t really require an entire instruction manual to be able to operate smoothly.

The machines will be put through a variety of tests to determine which one is not only the fastest. Cars will gain points for their reliability and their ability to be driven on the street without a hassle. Usually, when building a fast car, there are sacrifices that need to be made in comfort or usability. This time, though, all of those factors and more are being taken into consideration.

In episode 2, we get to see the series really get going with the “Streetability” challenge. As it turns out, building a high horsepower automobile doesn’t always yield a positive result when it comes to the ability to take the car to the grocery store on the weekends. This time, the crew hops behind the wheel of each candidate with the aim of figuring out which car would be the most pleasant to drive for the long haul.

Below, hosts, Emelia Hartford, Matt Farah, and Rob Ferretti take the cars to the streets to see how they handle the rigors of everyday driving. It might sound like something so easy that grandma could do it but when the cars in question are making this much power, it can be easier said than done.

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