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How the Limousine is Made, Behind The Scenes

Sometimes, when you take a look at some of the things that you’ll come across during the course of a regular day, it might make the gears in your head get to turning as you think about how exactly these things came to be. After all, when you look at something like a limousine, it might look like a came straight out of the factory the way that it sits but, as a matter fact, in most cases, you’re looking at something that was modified by an aftermarket company to be stretched out to form of vehicle that you see in front of you that is unlike many others.

As it turns out, the entire ordeal starts with the regular version of the car or truck. As painful as it might be for many enthusiasts, the vehicle is then cut in half after being stripped of almost all components in the cab to provide both the front and the rear of the limousine. Before long, the company behind it all is chopping everything up and making sure that all of the pieces align just right after extending the vehicle, in order to make sure that the finished product looks just like something that would come out of the factory from the original manufacturer. Let’s just say that these processes take a lot of time and effort invested in the making sure that this custom piece really is as cohesive as it gets. After all, when you’re making a vehicle that represents class and luxury, you want to make sure that every detail is smooth.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to dive into the aftermarket process that takes regular cars and makes them something extraordinary. Now that you’ve seen the behind the scenes of how something like this is done, we get the feeling that you’re never going to look at a limousine in the same way again and seeing the process might even be able to help you appreciate the effort that goes into something like this a little bit more.