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How to do an Engine Oil change on a BIG Freightliner Truck

Among the jobs that people learn about when it comes to maintaining their vehicles, changing the oil is about the first thing that anyone takes on and, as we all know, it doesn’t really take any kind of special skills. It’s about as basic and boring as it gets.

However, when the machinery changes, so do the processes that go into maintaining them. While the process on a big Freightliner is similar, it has a couple of different twists and turns that make it more interesting.

This time, we follow along during an oil change on a Freightliner truck that requires not a handful of quarts, but rather, eleven whole gallons of oil that makes the process just a little bit more complicated than your run-of-the-mill oil change.

Check out the video below that takes you through an oil change on a big time truck and the nuances that make it a more interesting duty than it might seem.


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