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How To Drive Manual – Never Stall Again!

When you first start driving a car with a manual transmission, there are a lot of things to think about when you head out to the roadways. At the forefront of these worries is that of stalling out in traffic! It can be a really stressful time you aren’t completely confident in your abilities which most learning drivers aren’t

This time, we check out a little tutorial that might help the beginners at driving a stick so that they can get better and more comfortable so that they don’t have any issues when it comes to getting along with other drivers on the road.

In the demonstration, we learn some helpful tips including how to make sure that you get your car rolling without stalling it out. Those who have been driving stick for some time might not see it as a big deal but if you think back to your first days, you remember that the fear is so real.

Check out the little tutorial below and tell us what you think of this method of getting behind a stick shift and rocking out. Do you have any alternative methods to get down how to drive stick with ease?