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How To Embarrass Your Kids 101: Tell Them To Walk Into Autozone And Ask For Blinker Fluid

There are some tricks that are so old that everybody seems to know them, however, if your kids are thrown into the mix, there might be a good chance that they have simply never heard of some of the things that we’ve talked about for ages, things that people joke about around garages over and over again. They are so common that even the new guy at AutoZone knows that something like blinker fluid doesn’t exist and that’s exactly what makes a prank like this so great. The dramatic irony is practically killing us!

In this one, we watch as a couple of people who are in the know send their children into AutoZone with the hopes that they can get them to ask the workers for a couple of things that definitely don’t exist. As you can imagine, when they ended up going in the store and asked for blinker fluid and a bucket of steam, not only do the employees probably get quite a kick out of it but the kids found every last opportunity to be completely embarrassed and rightfully so. I would very much imagine that a younger version of myself who was much more gullible would also be pretty embarrassed when put in a situation like this one. I think that we all would be!

You can bet your bottom dollar that neither of these girls is going to walk into a store and asked for blinker fluid ever again. However, I can definitely see them using this new found knowledge for evil, putting it in place to trick their friends into trying to do the same exact thing that they just did. You can also believe that this is probably a video that dad is going to show to every single one of their boyfriends for the rest of eternity.

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