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How to Fix Rust Without any Special Tools

For just about anybody who owns an automobile, rust can really be quite the hassle to be had. Obviously, it’s something that nobody really wants to deal with and when it does pop up, if you do feel so inclined to deal with it, it can end up being a pretty pricey experience. Taking apart body panels and welding pieces together, doing all kinds of bodywork, can definitely be trouble but this time, thanks to ChrisFix, we check out a method of dealing with rust that might be a little bit more conventional than taking on any kind of special tools or insane process to get it all done with.

Instead, this time, as we normally see with the ChrisFix YouTube channel, we get the rundown on how to fix the rust using some simple DIY methods, breaking out some tools that aren’t too advanced and making the most of them. If you’re able to nip it in the bud, rust doesn’t always have to be as much of a pain as it could be if you let it go for too long. In fact, with what we see here, early onsets of rust can be fixed with nothing more than what appears to be a day or two worth of labor and waiting for things to dry. I would definitely take that as a trade-off to having to deal with thousands of dollars worth of repair when the rust really turns into an invasive species that wants to take over your automobile.

If you follow along in the video below, you will be taken through this step-by-step process that can really key you into how exactly you could go about doing a repair like this for yourself. At first, sanding down your car and doing all kinds of bodywork like this might seem like an intimidating way of fixing something but, with the way that ChrisFix breaks it all down, it’s really a lot simpler than you might think. After watching this simple DIY, be sure to tell us what you think about taking on rust removal. Are you more confident in doing something like this now than you would have been before?