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How to make a carbon fiber rim

Carbon fiber has grabbed a massive chunk of the automotive aftermarket. Composites had long been used in the racing world before becoming the material of choice for many aftermarket accessories we see so often today. One area carbon fiber has been slower to permeate is the wheel market, where the extreme stresses have been generally accepted as too high for carbon to handle.

However, lately that has started to change as advances in composite technology have increased the strength capabilities of carbon fiber, allowing companies to begin producing wheels made from carbon fiber. The process is very intricate, and the guys at Remmi-Team in Finland walk through the process with us step by step in this video to show just what all goes into a single carbon fiber wheel. The process requires a great deal of attention to detail and precision, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the science that goes into composite construction.

Check it out! The video is a bit lengthy but it really gives a detailed look at the whole process from cutting out the carbon fiber fabric itself to vacuuming the assembled pieces and layers and impregnating the layers with resin. Plus you get to see the completed wheel assembly in all is carbon fiber glory!