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How to Make a “Low Power Car” Make it Fun to Drive

One of those beautiful things about going fast is that when it comes to cars there are a whole variety of different machines to choose from. Now, some people, like myself really enjoy a lot of power to get our vehicles moving. To me, there’s nothing like a big power application that can move a lightweight platform and get rolling. However, I’d say that with my infatuation with drag racing, I might be a little bit biased. There’s something about raw power that really gets me going and makes me want to see just how much that dial can be turned up.

However, there is another way to go fast that’s definitely to be appreciated. With a well set up car that lacks weight and has some other features like low ends torque to work with, you can definitely get going in a hurry and have a blast behind the wheel. You don’t always need to make gobs of power to have fun while you’re driving. This time, the man in front of the camera over at Engineering Explained hops behind the wheel of a BMW 230i to try and prove that these low power machines can be just as fun as some of their high power counterparts. In this particular lineup, I guess what we’re trying to accomplish is a line of thinking that conveys that you don’t need one of those big beefy M-series engines in order to get your car rolling.

With just the right setup including good brakes, a lack of weight, and maybe a nice set of gearing, this video makes the argument that will surely stir up the pot up just a little bit. After checking this out and hearing this side of the battle, do you think that low-power cars can be just as much fun as those making a ton of horsepower? I think there is definitely an argument for both sides of this debate and it will really be interesting to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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