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How to Make a Powerful Cannon from a Coca Cola Can

If you have a creative side, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Even with the most basic of materials that you have laying around the house, things can be reshaped and repurposed in all sorts of different ways to make a completely new and innovative end product that could be a ton of fun or incredibly useful, maybe even both if you’re lucky. This time, we check out someone who takes something as simple as a Coca-Cola can along with some household supplies and ends up creating a neat little gadget.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing with something like this at home unless you’re a trained professional but, it looks like this crafty individual took a Coca-Cola cann and managed to transform it into a homemade miniature cannon. From the looks of this thing and how they put it to use, it doesn’t look like the punch packed by this cannon is miniature at all as it blows a hole straight through another can of Coke!

Even if the end product here isn’t something that you’re incredibly interested in, videos like this really show you the possibilities of what you can accomplish when you use a little bit of creativity and the items that you have on hand. You can really make something cool if you’re up to the challenge of doing something different!

Check out the demonstration down in the video below that shows you exactly how this all came together with a little bit of patience, TLC, and a mind that’s open to new things. What do you think of how they put together this little invention and what about it would you change to make it even better? Can you think of any other innovative ways that you would use a Coke can to make something interesting like this?

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