How To Piss People Off Without Saying a Word… Train Horn!

There’s no denying that we love pranks here at Speed Society. While we always try to ...

There’s no denying that we love pranks here at Speed Society. While we always try to maintain the utmost professionalism (no, I couldn’t actually type that load of boloney with a straight face) we have been known to do a little pranking around the office here in San Diego from time to time.

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When we can’t get in on the pranking ourselves, we love to watch, and share, great prank videos, and there’s one particular prank that falls right there in that perfect area of being basically harmless and still incredibly funny: train horn blasting!

The premise is simple enough: equip a car or truck with some insanely loud train horns, the video people’s reaction to the blast. Sometimes you get angry reactions, as in the case of the golfers at the end of the video below, but most of the time you get an instant “flight” response followed by a moment of relief, then usually a laugh.

The great thing about horn blasting is that other than being illegal – check your local laws, but I’m almost positive using your horn for any reason other than alerting other motorists to your presence is illegal – it’s basically harmless. Sure, the horns are very loud, but as long as there’s open air, I can’t really see any kind of hearing damage coming from this. That means it’s both funny and harmless, which is what we look for in a good prank.

Hit the play button below and watch as the Hornblasters ride around capturing reactions from all kinds of situations. To me, the best one is when they blast a whole restaurant full of people. It’s hilarious to see everybody in the building duck in reaction to the unexpected horns.

What are you favorite kinds of pranks? If you’ve got video, share them with us and we may put them up on the site. Just drop a link in the comments on Facebook and we’ll check them out!


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