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How to Plastidip a Car With Spray Cans!

In the automotive scene, different products and trends come and go, showing enthusiasts all sorts of different ways to modify their hot rods to their liking. While some of these trends might not be for everybody and some of them stick around longer than others, we have found one that seems to have found a home in many garages of all sorts of different types of enthusiasts, even if some of them aren’t really willing to admit it. That’s right, we caught you in the act trying to pass off your cheap job as something more expensive!

With the use of something like Plastidip, you’re able to change the color of your car a little bit cheaper than an all-out paint job. A couple of years ago, someone discovered the coating that was originally used to make the handles of your tools have a little bit more grip or perhaps have some other uses around the shop. However, instead of putting it to use in that way, a gearhead had decided that they could use the black substance to change the color of their vehicle in some way, perhaps painting their badges or grill a different color to give the vehicle a nice little touch that would make it look different than the rest all while maintaining the ability to peel it off and go back to the way that was.

Since then, different companies have made different forms of their own dip, bringing out different colors and eventually evolving the substance so that eventually you could coat entire cars with it and have it look nice. In this one, we check out a YouTube video that takes us along for the ride, giving us the perspective of That Dude in Blue as he takes on trying to dip an entire car with spray cans. Is this something that you’d take a crack at?


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