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How to Ruin a Truck – Dude Takes Ford For a Saltwater Swim at Miami Boat Ramp

There’s definitely a little bit of an art and a science behind launching a boat. Naturally, just like anything else, the process is something that is going to differ depending on who you ask. However, let’s just say that if you end up on the Miami Boat Ramps YouTube channel, there’s a good chance that maybe you did something wrong in the court of public opinion.

This time, we check in with a way of launching a dinghy that’s going to be rather controversial.

As a small inflatable vessel has been placed in the back of a heavy duty Ford pickup truck, it looks like this person behind it all is raring and ready to get into the water. However, with the absence of a trailer, it’s kind of a curiosity as to how he’s going to load and unload the small vessel.

When push comes to shove and we see the truck backed down the ramp, we eventually learn that this guy is going full steam ahead with plans of backing his truck all the way into the water, submerging the rear axle with part of the bed before pushing the boat out. We would presume that he does the same when it’s time to load the boat back up and go home.

As most people with experience around the water will tell you, applying salt water to just about any form of metal is a formula for disaster. In other words, the poor undercarriage of this truck is probably going to end up being quite a rusty mess if this keeps on happening. However, that doesn’t deter this boat owner from trying his hand at launching the vessel in this quick and easy way.

Down in the video below, we get to check in with the interesting display that is sure to create just a little bit of controversy.

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