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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw!

If you’re out there working away and trying to complete the job at hand, there can often be circumstances that will take cash from your pocket and add up really quickly, making you spend a lot more than you had thought to originally be coming out of your bank account. By cutting out little expenses like these and doing things on your own, you’ll soon see that the cash flowing out of your reach will quickly slow down and the bleeding will stop. That’s not to say that you’ll forever have a bank account padded with gold, but every little bit here and there can definitely add up in a hurry to be contributed toward things that you actually want.

In this one, we have the Crazy Russian Hacker taking us on a tour of a little DIY that shows you how to fix a chainsaw. When your blade begins to get dull, you could head out and buy another one or, with a couple of quick maneuvers, you could have your saw back in action in just a couple of minutes, all while saving the cash that it would take to have to replace the chain entirely.vWith an effort like this, you can definitely find yourself being more rewarded at the end of the day as you did everything to the best of your ability to keep that bank account flush.

Check out the video down below that takes you along on the steps necessary to bring that saw back to life once again. After watching this and seeing the process of exactly how this job is done, be sure to tell us if you think that this is worth the money saved by not purchasing a new chain.vIs the time invested in the job like this really worth it or would you rather just head out to the store, buy a new chain, and slap it on your saw?


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