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How Volvo Is Eliminating Turbo Lag

No matter what aspect of life you’re looking into, inefficiency is definitely something that you look to get rid of entirely. While nobody can be perfect, there are always things that we can improve upon in different areas that will make them a little bit better than they were the day before, thus dusting away some of those inefficiencies and making things more cooperative than ever before. When it comes to engines, there are a wide variety of things that are deemed inefficient and can be worked on to bring up them up to par a little bit more to make them work better with other aspects of the drivetrain to paint a better picture overall.

This time, we take a look at a turbocharged application to see exactly how Volvo is going about getting rid of turbo lag. Essentially, if you’re not sure what that is, with a turbocharged setup, boost takes a while to build and therefore can leave your engine at a lower power level until that boost reaches an appropriate level. Until then, you’re left in lag limbo to wait for all of that power to come around in full force. However, with different concepts across the board, turbo lag is something that can be combated, to an extent, if you’re willing to reconfigure things a little bit.

In this one, we take a look at a couple of systems that Volvo has been put in place to make sure that turbo lag becomes a thing of the past. Not only does lag eliminate power from the equation across certain metrics but we’re assuming it isn’t the most efficient concept in terms of fuel economy, either! When you’re looking to be productive behind the wheel, going so far as getting rid of something like turbo lag can really be a big step in the right direction.


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