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Huge $10,000 Winner Take All 4-Wide Shootout At SCSN Vegas

This weekend, the 14th annual Street Car Super Nationals kicks off at The Strip at Las Vegas Motorsports Park. Known simply as SCSN Vegas to most, the race is a huge event for west coast racers, along with many who make the trek from the east to go head to head with racers they only get to race with once a year.

Promoter Mel Roth is known for putting together a stellar program, and this year he’s making the most of the newly-widened Las Vegas layout by having a first-of-its-kind four wide, winner-take-all shootout featuring four fo the baddest cars on the property.

The shootout, which will pay $10,000 to the winner, features Jay Boddie’s badass twin turbo Chevy II from the west coast. Many of you have heard Boddie’s name in the promoting arena, as he puts on some huge events on the west coast, but for this race, he’s just coming to take on the other three competitors with hopes of leaving with a stack of cash and bragging rights.

Mark Woodruff is making the haul from Missouri out to Vegas for the same reason. Mark’s gorgeous black and blue C6 Z06 Vette has been a mainstay in the radial racing world for years. Woody is known for putting up huge MPH and always making good a-to-b passes, something that will have the odds in his favor for many fans.

James Lawrence is bringing the Dragzine C7 Corvette from California as the third car in the 4-wide shootout. Lawrence and the ‘Vette made quite a splash in 2018, winning several big races, including a couple of NMCA Radial Warz events. This is another car that always goes down the track, so look for Lawrence to be right there in the battle at the finish line!

Guiseppe Gentile and his gorgeous flamed Mustang round out the quartet of cars in the $10K shootout. Making the short haul from North Hollywood, Gentile has plenty of experience on the Vegas track, a factor that could give him an advantage over the other three.

Check back to find out who takes home the huge payday, one of the largest we’ve seen for a single pass, and the first I have personally seen featuring a 4-wide format with a winner take all payday!