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HUGE Diesel Nitrous Explosion On The DYNO

This nitrous powered Dodge Cummins bursts into a huge ball of fire as it makes a dyno pull.

When this coal roller gets strapped on the dyno, we are willing to bet that the owner didn’t expect what was about to happen next. We’ve seen a few dyno mishaps, but this one is about as cinematic as they get. The catastrophe all unfolds in front of a by-standing camera.

Coal Rolling Nitrous Dodge Cummins Dyno Explosion Fire

When giving it a little gas, the nitrous system doesn’t quite agree with what’s going down as it explodes into a huge ball of fire. That’s just the risk that you take when building a performance vehicle. Sometimes when you’re experimenting with power adders you’ve simply got to pay to play! Actually let us revise that… When experimenting with power adders you ALWAYS have to pay to play!